Creating You Workshop (Part 1) | Irving, TX

As a professional photographer, I am committed to improve every day to give my clients the best. I am always looking to improve by attending online classes, keeping up to date with software, styles, technology so this march I had the pleasure of attending a workshop called “Creating You” with photographers Jasmine Balderaz and Meghan Graham in Irving, TX. Along with 3 more photographers, we got to shot this gorgeous couple and their son (and baby to come) to learn more about getting lifestyle pictures in our sessions. We shot another couple (will share the pictures later) and after that we had dinner and talked about business workflow.
If you are a photographer I fully recommend that you join a drama free local photographers group. Connections are very important in our industry, I will post more about this topic on the next post.

Family holding hands

Dad and son session

Baby boy looking at the camera session in Irving Tx

One year old with family session

Mom and son picture

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