Hi! I am Jacky Pereira


I am portrait and event photographer based in Dallas, TX and surrounding areas. I am available to travel all over the world to capture beautiful images.


Let me tell you how all this started: When I was little, I wanted to be a photographer… and an actress, and a computer geek, and a doctor, and I do not remember what else but it was a lot of stuff. After getting my degree in CSE, I was able to take my dream of photography seriously. And I became good at it (That’s probably why you are here.) Also, my awesome husband supported me in pursuing my photography dream.


I love taking pictures because they capture time and memories. Seeing my client’s images and thinking that they will last a lifetime is well worthy. Imagine your grandkids looking at your pictures and embracing them with love.


I like life outdoors: walking, running, camping, biking… Anything that involves being outside and nature is where I want to be.


I love God.


Family is one of the most important things for me. I love my family, and enjoy everyday life with my lovely and handsome husband Ruben.


I hope I get to meet you and we can work together in capturing portraits that will last a lifetime.

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