Where is your studio?

Outside. I specialize in natural light photography as I feel is the most flattering light for pictures. Cloudy days are my favorite scenarios to capture images.


When do I need to schedule my session?

All portrait sessions must be schedule 2 weeks in advance. October and November are my most busiest months of the year filled with sessions.

All portrait sessions require a non-refundable reservation fee

Seniors – October and November, last month to have your session and have your product delivered in time is April.

Portraits – Any time of the year.

Weddings – One to two years in advance if you have your reception booked. I have limited number of weddings per year

Engagement & Bridal session – As soon as you book your wedding (most packages come with a complimentary engagement session, yay!)


At what time will my session take place?

Your session will be usually 2 hours before sunset as it has less harsh light from the sun.


What do I wear to my session?



When will my pictures be ready?

Two weeks after your portrait session, we will have a reveal session where we will meet in person to go over your proofs and make an order.

For weddings, images will be ready in less than 8 weeks and you will receive an online gallery.


How many images will I see from my session?

Quantity vary by session, but for portrait sessions I guarantee 30+ images

Weddings vary by shooting time.


Should I have my Makeup and Hair professionally done?

Absolutely yes! I completely encourage you to get your makeup and hair by a professional. My to go girl is makeup artist Kiara and her team

Do you have any other question? I will happily answer it