When I went to DFW Quinceañera Expo 2015, I started a Glamour Session giveaway and makeup. The giveaway included a 2 hour quinceañera session in any location and up to 3 wardrobe changes, plus the quinceañera dress and also makeup by my awesome makeup artist friend Kiara. A lot of young ladies signed up for a chance to win. Carolina was the winner of the giveaway and after the session I could not be more happy that she was the winner because she is so beautiful and photogenic. Kiara’s makeup work helped to enhance her beautiful eyes, and perfect cheeks and just gave the perfect touch to the session.


Session took place in Cedar Hill State Park, exactly in Penn Farm. The session was in 2015 in October 16, but I am barely blogging it because I did not realized I had this awesome session not published. Enjoy!


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