Brynn 1 year {Dallas TX Baby’s Photographer}

I had the privilege of photographing this beautiful girl with gorgeous bright blue eyes. She is 1 year old and like most 1 year olds, they do not care about being photograph. She just wanted to play and have explore the new location presented to her, which was challenging for me. I like to capture the true personality of every person, so I had to grab my camera with both hands and chase Brynn all over the mountain while trying to make her laugh. She had the most beautiful and colorful little dresses.

The session took place in Prayer Mountain in Dallas, Tx which is where I got married and holds a special place in my heart, besides being fully covered with green and trees. I recommend this photography location to anyone that wants a green hilly mountain background; plus in summer, shade = cool.

girl with hat
1 year old colorful dress
Girl in bench
girl knocking the door
girl playing with flowers
1 year old photoshoot
girl with beautiful eyes

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