Bersusky Family | Cedar Hill Tx

The winners of a giveaway in Facebook that I hosted were the Bersusky Family!
It was a super fun family with style, Argentines with a Texan Heart. This family session took place in Cedar Hill State Park which is a perfect place for family outdoor images as well as to spend time with the family. And they rocked their eye glasses!!!

Should I wear my glasses to my session?
Is up to you! When people use glasses I often ask them if they want to take them off for their session or leave them on. I want you to feel the most comfortable for your session. Some have adopted their glasses as part of their look, other people don’t seem themselves wearing glasses all the time. So for those that use their glasses all the time if I demand them to remove them, they might see themselves different in the images as they are use to see themselves in the mirror. I want you to look at yourself and say “yes, Jacky captured me how I am”. =)

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