Allison Party | 3 year party photographer Grand Prairie TX

It was July. It was summer. It was the time for pool. And it was Allison 3 year old party. I’ve been knowing this girl since she was born, and she is super nice, pretty, and lovely. Her parents decided to have a pool party to celebrate and I was gladly invited to take pictures of this event. I could not be happier with the weather! Cloudy, warm, and just perfect. And like I am friends with them and I can call them my family, I went into the pool! Here are some images from the party.

Allison3-241 Allison3-232 3yearoldpartyminnie

3yearoldpartyminnie2 Allison3-149 Allison3-138 Allison3-124 Allison3-112 Allison3-103Allison3-893yearoldparty6Allison3-69Allison3-57

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